Our mission

Help you create impact on your own terms so you can live a more fulfilled life and contribute more in the world.

  • Get clear

    Reconnect with everything that makes you unique and uncover your purpose.

  • Improve your relationships

    Experience a rich and fulfilling relationship with yourself, others and your career.

  • Live freely

    Reclaim your story, break-free from the socio-bs and redefine your success.

  • Feel inspired

    Wake up feeling inspired to create and do what you love.

  • Lead confidently

    Find the confidence in who you are as a leader in your personal life and your career.

You know how ​the pursuit of success can be so exhilarating…

and also soul draining?

Conscious Thrive

I coined the words Conscious Thrive because I wanted people to incorporate consciousness in their thrive journey. Consciously thriving is feeling and being fully alive, it’s connecting to who you are made of and having meaning in everything you do -- how you live and lead in your everyday life, in your relationships and career. It’s audaciously living in authenticity so you can live the life you are meant to live and create the extraordinary impact you are meant to leave behind.

Hi, I'm Christine!

Your life brand advocate

A transformation catalyst who interweaves her transformation journey and training with her success and experience in corporate as a Talent Acquisition expert. She transitioned to become a transformation coach in service of making a deeper impact and contribution in creating a loving, inclusive, and equitable society. Christine earned her diploma in coaching from New York University.


“Christine is an amazing, talented coach. She was able to help me obtain stretched goals in a short period of time. One of her most valuable skills is the ability to ask questions that prompt an awareness of previously unknown blindspots. These new insights along with Christine's coaching enabled me to be more effective in both my personal and professional life. Christine is truly a wonderful, empathetic coach and leader”

Chrissoula M. - VP at Financial Institution

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have Christine in my life. She helped my identify and work through the things that were getting in the way of me reaching my goals. Christine has impacted my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Thanks to her coaching, I am finally taking charge of who I get to be in life and I couldn’t be happier”

Nick M.

“Through Christine's program, I was able to take an idea I had about a new course of action that I wanted to follow, and provide a framework around that idea so it can become a reality. I needed something to inspire and motivate me to help break out of a familiar routine that had become a way of life which has always served me as a comfort zone and safety net, but at the same time has prevented me from realizing my full potential. I now feel that by gaining a stronger understanding of my identity and brand, I have the confidence to branch out in my career and venture into uncharted territory.”

Chris C.

“ At first, I wasn't sure as to how or what life coaching would do to me, but my sessions with Christine made me realize that one of key things in life is being "committed" in everything that you do and getting clear on how you want it to be from start to finish. Each session helped me understand and develop my self confidence; it helped me embrace my worth. I finally launched my start-up company — I still can't believe how far I've gotten and it was just one of my goals during our engagement. I love the fact that she instills "accountability" without losing the essence of guidance and inspiration. I can't thank her enough for her coaching and guidance, she really affects people and she helped me thrive from within.”

Krisel E. - Partner/Founder at Start-up