My story

When I was thinking of a name for my company, the word THRIVE was what I wanted to communicate to my clients and my community. I wanted them to know that they are able to tap into this level in their lives and fulfill their greatest dreams but then I looked around me and saw people who are actually very successful, has all the resources, the family/relationship, the job etc. one would think they are thriving and yet still feel unfulfilled and unhappy.  They weren’t alone...

That was my story... 

There was a time that I was thriving or so, what people would say or think. I had a successful career, earning in the six figures, and was in a relationship but I still felt incomplete and unfulfilled. 

I searched and searched for a long time reading all the books, consuming materials and learning so I can finally know what it is I was missing but the place I neglected to look was… Within.

What was missing, you ask? 

I was thriving not in my own terms but from what the society has set for me. What I completely missed was my purpose and my identity. So, I took the journey within and reconnected with everything that makes me, ME. 

I broke-free from the “socio-BS” that gave me anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. and started uncovering my life brand and purpose. Now, I am living a life courageously aligned with who I am and creating the impact I want to make in people's lives. It is my mission to get you there too.

Helping you create impact on your own terms!

Some "other" things you might want to know...

I have a diploma in coaching from NYU. I have developed and facilitated transformations workshops internationally. Prior to being a coach, I have spent over eight years in corporate America as a Recruitment and Staffing strategist where I have coached professionals throughout the hiring process and advised business leaders in Healthcare, IT, Finance and Nonprofit industries of staffing and retention strategies best fit within their organizational needs.


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